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Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship,  Internationally  known as MAF Technology Services PNG

We are Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF), an inter-denominational, non-profit mission organization which has been based in PNG for over 60 years. We exist to provide the Church in PNG with technical solutions, such as radio communication, computing, solar lighting, digital audio bibles and any other technology that can help them to advance the gospel. The church in PNG is advancing rapidly into the technology age, and we are here to help them jump the ‘technology divide’. (Click for more info)

Recent Stories

A more convenient way to access and share the latest Christian digital resources

A more convenient way to access and share the latest Christian digital resources

On the 14th of January, Don and Cheri came by to purchase the 16GB Micro SD card. This SD card was introduced in August last year and was included in the Bible Box distribution. The micro SD card is already loaded with lots of fun, entertaining and educational Christian digital resources and is only sold and distributed to the remote communities…

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The Word of God Reaches Bihute Prison

The Word of God Reaches Bihute Prison

We praise the Lord that His Word is not confined to believers alone, but can be shared to those living within the prison walls. We praise God for Christie and the women at EBC who take the time and initiative to share the Word of God to other women in prison. We pray that they may discover the liberty and love that Christ Jesus freely gave to all mankind. Luke 19:10, Jesus said, “The Son of Man came to seek…

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Radio Australia, Wantok Program Interviews CRMF's Trainer

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