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Making Christian digital resources accessible to our isolated communities 

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Biblebox, New!, What CRMF Does, WIFIBible

Long-time missionaries, Don and Cheri Floyd with their children have been in Papua New Guinea for 29 years serving with Wesleyan Church at Hagen. They run their own Bible College and their ministry is focused on serving the remote communities of Jiwaka Province, Hela Province and the Southern Highlands Province.
On the 14th of January, Don and Cheri came by CRMF to purchase the 16GB Micro SD card. This SD card was introduced in August last year and was included in the Bible Box distribution. The micro SD card is already loaded with lots of fun, entertaining and educational Christian digital resources and is only sold and distributed to the remote communities within Papua New Guinea where digital resources are hard to access and download.
During an interview, Don made a remark that the already loaded micro SD card would be used to update their WIFI Bible which they have had for years and needed updating. He added that the media is always changing and they were keen to get the latest information (at CRMF) and also train their students at their Bible collage how they too can download and easily access the latest media and useful Christian resources and other applications provided from the SD card.

“The SD card is a useful tool and a great way to use technology to help get the gospel out there.” ~ Don Floyd

We praise the Lord that Don and Cheri can use the micro SD card to update their WIFI Bible with new contents and Christian resources so that individuals living in the remote settings can have easy access to and share the variety of Christian digital resources provided in the micro SD card. We pray that the resources provided in the micro SD card can be a blessing to them and also to the Bible College students and others.