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CRMF : Technology for the Church

We are an inter-denominational technical mission which has been based in PNG for over 60 years. We exist to provide the Church and the remote people in PNG with technical solutions, such as radio communication, computing, solar lighting, digital audio bibles and any other technology that can help them to advance the gospel.

Our Goal

Our goal is to fulfil the communcation and technical needs of the Church serving remote communities – where others can not or will not meet the need.

Also to provide high quality products that meet the changing needs of our ministry partners.

One of our major goals is to well support our communications network, the products we sell and provide quality advice to our ministry partners.

Mission Statement

CRMF exists in response to the commision of Jesus Christ to take the Gospel into the entire World. The fellowship is a technical team seeking to provide effective and efficient communication and technical services to the church and community through the ministry and witness of our staff.

Our Values

We are all committed to Jesus Christ as Lord. This is paramount and vital to our being as individuals and as a fellowship. We’re dependent on God for the provision of people, direction and anointing and the development of staff.


We value ministry that transforms lives and multiplies the effectiveness of those we serve, seizing opportunities to serve the living God in a fast-changing world.


We value Christ-like behaviour in the way we work and relate to one another and to those we serve. We have respect and care for all people and have compassion for those in need. We are sensitive to cultural differences and have a servant attitude.


We value integrity, professionalism, safety and competence in all areas and believe that all our work should honour and glorify Christ.


We value the strenght and diversity that co-operation and collaboration bring and partner with those who share our beliefs and values.


We value the wise use of our resources and carefully balance the benefits of investments with the costs involved.


We value the personal and spiritual wellbeing of our people. We respect, care and pray for one another.


We are a not for profit organization that is a part of MAFI. Due to our ministry being aimed at remote church people, and the large subsidies we give on bible products and training courses for the Churches of PNG, we rely on donations to meet the expenses of these “non-financially viable” ministries.


As well as creating and researching new solutions we continue to be true to our original ministry and mission statement by supplying HF radios to the remote people of PNG as well as monitoring our radio network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We also provide:

  • HF Radios: sales, service, installation
  • Solar power: sales service, installation
  • Computer: sales, service, installation
  • Store: Electronic goods, Amplifiers, IT equipment and much much more…
  • Training: Oral Strategies workshops, Basic computer training for pastors, basic radio and solar installation training
  • Audio bibles in many local languages
  • WIFIBible
  • Electronic bible resources
  • And much more