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CRMF: Technology for the Church


We are Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF), an inter-denominational, non-profit mission organization which has been based in PNG for over 60 years. We are a part of Mission Aviation Fellowship International, MAFI.

We exist to provide the Church in PNG with technical solutions, such as radio communication, computing, solar lighting, digital audio bibles and any other technology that can help advance the gospel. The church in PNG is advancing rapidly into the technology age, and we are here to help them jump the ‘technology divide’.

What we do

As well as creating and researching new solutions we continue to be true to our original ministry and mission statement by supplying HF radios to the remote people of PNG as well as monitoring our radio network 24 hours a week.

Our Tek Ministri Department is primarily aimed at using new digital technologies to help remote pastors and church leaders carry out their ministry in this digital age. We also focus on providing appropriate technology training to the churches. Through our partnership with MAF International, we are also able to give remote communities access to God’s Word in their language via both printed bibles, digital bibles, and solar-powered audio bibles.

With our staff, we are focused on training them in our field of expertise, helping them develop useful skills that will further the kingdom of God.

We also provide:

  • HF Radios: sales, service, and installation
  • Solar power: sales, service, installation
  • Computer: sales, service, installation
  • Store: Electronic goods, Amplifiers, IT equipment and much more…
  • Training: Oral Strategic Workshops, Basic Computer Training for church and ministry leaders, Basic Radio and Solar Installation Training
  • Audio Bibles in many local languages
  • WIFIBible
  • Digital bible resources

And much more…

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