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Basic Computer Training


In our five years of offering basic computing course to the churches and missions we always hear this statement that the information for a course goes out but people do not think that it will actually happen. This attitude could be seen in two ways, firstly, the mindset that the church cannot afford to organise…

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Eagerness Decides Achievement

Does it ever seem that you want to learn more and do more in your ministry? To learn or being introduced to something new is great! It helps you develop your mind and allows you to do more in your life. I remember the feeling when I received my first laptop a few years back. I was so eager to learn more about…

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It Was Beneficial

Every time we went through a lesson, the students would sit quietly, back-straight with a strong look of concentration and interest. Most students from the Highlands Regional Bible College of Assemblies of God told us that the basic computer training was something they really need as they want to…

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