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Digital Bibles: Audio Bibles


CRMF has gone through seven different solar powered audio bibles since it started to distribute the Word of God via these audio devices. As part of its goal to be the last mile to take bibles and biblical resources to the remotest places of Papua New Guinea, CRMF has partnered with Mega Voice to…

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400 Audio Bibles Please!

In June we got a message from Michael Webb a long-standing missionary with SIL requesting 400 Audio Bible Players.
Lina, our audio Bible technician, was busy every spare minute prepping the audio players.
We found out that the Urii- Indai language group in Fayang had their Bible translated…

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Boxes, Boxes of Bibles

Paul Woodington is one of two pilots flying in the remote Wewak region of northern Papua New Guinea – where there are no proper roads and people regularly travel over severe terrain.
After coming back from a weekend outreach in the bush, where he took Bibles and solar powered audio Bibles…

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