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CRMF, Blessed to be a Blessing

“It is a wonderful feeling when someone blesses you and that you in turn can be a channel to bless others.”
This week, Paul Wyld, owner of Procureit Australia in Brisbane donated five wheel chairs to CRMF. Two of this wheel chairs where donated to the Women’s…

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The CRMF Week-End Outreach ministry had three opportunities last week-end to tell people that God loves them and there is hope for everyone! This was done through Tech Talk which is an awareness to educate the Church and the community on how to utilise technology for ministry and…

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The Wrong Road

“Look, I think we have to go back, we’ve taken the wrong road!”, Lukas, our Swiss CRMF teammate exclaimed as he leaned through our window.
As we nodded our agreement, Lukas went back to his car and our small caravan turned..

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