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Technology for Ministry

The Wrong Road

“Look, I think we have to go back, we’ve taken the wrong road!”, Lukas, our Swiss CRMF teammate exclaimed as he leaned through our window.
As we nodded our agreement, Lukas went back to his car and our small caravan turned..

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Real Smiles

Real Smiles
These smiles are real and full of hope because of the new HF radio installed in their villages. Before these villages were isolated and had no form of communication.
Recently we helped organize a medevac for a village much like the ones in these pictures.

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After the basic computing skills training debrief and course evaluations last year, the CRMF team and the leadership of EHC agreed that a Technology for Ministry (TechMin) training would be more appropriate for EHC missionaries. As a result the TechMIn workshop for EHC was a successful one because we delivered…

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