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WIFIBible With You

The Solar WIFIBible device is another of the WIFIBible models that CRMF developed. It consists of a small 12 volts WIFIBible device, built into the battery box of a solar kit. It is powered by the battery box which gets its power source from a 15 watts solar panel.
CRMF have built twenty of these models for remote areas…

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In our previous WiFi Bible blog stories, we shared about our excitement because of the number of PMV owners who allowed us to install on their vehicles. The reason for our excitement in this article is that during one of the installs the crew members of one of the bus discovered that…

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Free Highway

MAF Netherlands has purchased twenty 12 volts WIFIBible devices to be installed for free on 20 PMV Buses. In our earlier story titled “Privileged Passenger” we concluded with this statement – We thank the bus owners who are willing to partner with Jesus to reach out to their own country men and women by allowing CRMF to install WIFIBible devices on their vehicles…

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On Monday (16th July) he drove his bus as soon the main gate was open for business to get the Wi-Fi installed. To his joy he discovered that a free WIFIBible device was to be installed in his bus. In this day and age when everything requires money in exchange for items or service, the sound of a FREE something really…

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