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Equipment for your church building


Lighting, sound and other equipment for your church building

Solar Lighting

Maybe your church has no lighting after dark and your congregation can’t have bible studies in the evening. We have a perfect solar lighting solution for you. We sell Fosera Solar lighting kits in all different sizes.

Data projectors and computer kits

We sell computer and data projector kits for your church. Not only do we supply the classic projector kit, but we can tailor a kit to fit your needs. For example, we have created a compact Jesus Film projector kit that runs completely off solar power. Tell us what you need!


Amplifiers and sound equipment kits

Do you need a sound system for your church? Whether you need a microphone, or you would like the whole kit (mixer, microphone, leads, and amps) we can customize it for you.


We provide sales, installation help, and repair services for your church and sound system. Check out our local store for computers.