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Crossing Barriers via HF Radio

by | Dec 10, 2021 | HF Radio, What CRMF Does

MAF Technologies (CRMF) will continue to be the agent to bridge the gaps of rough, steep and rugged terrains, swift and wide flowing rivers and swampy jungles to install HF Radios. The wonder of communication technology has enabled our vision to link remote communities to basic needs of services provided by the government and mission organisations in the country.

It took Simeon Tom ten days to install three HF Radios in three different health centres in Telefomin District of West Sepik Province. Telefomin District is closer to the Papua New Guinea Indonesian border.

First HF Radio successfully installed at Oksapmin.

Second HF Radio successfully installed at Telifomin.

Third HF radio successfully installed at Yapsie.

This is what he stated after all the heartfelt thanks and speeches of appreciation from the workers of Yapsie, Oksapmin and Telefomin health centres. “I don’t think bush people will survive when there’s no radio or means of communication. They are still waiting for Government services, no road links with barriers for infrastructure development due to mountains, fast flowing rivers and swamps that makes it very hard to get help. However, when radios are installed, it makes it easier for them to communicate.”

For most remote communities, there is a very high risk of people dying of minor accidents due to non-reliable ways to send and receive information in emergency situations. The communities describe the situation as “arrival of light to dispel the darkness of hopelessness to opportunities to reach out for help in times of need.”

Our MAF Technologies technicians who spend time with them during installations learn about the pain of isolation in terms communication in emergency situations and negligence by public service providers. In fact, for most communities, the presence of our technicians is a big occasion because the next contact from outside will be for some time. Thanks to the support and funds from Burnet Institution for Medical Research, MAF and the Public health LTD, these three Health Centres are better equipped to deal with complications such as: delivery for mothers, man falling from trees during hunting, snake bites victims, emergencies and resupply of needed medicine and many more.

MAF Technologies technicians, Simeon Tom whom successfully installed all three radios.

One of the Health Worker said, “there was no way we could communicate with the hospital in Vanimo, but now that we have the radio installed, we can easily communicate our need. we are very happy and excited.”

The whole project to install in three different locations would have taken more time but thanks to MAF aircraft, a single technician could provide this important communication link to three communities. Glory to God for the wonder of technology and our unique privilege to do the installations.