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Dedication of the new MAF Technologies (CRMF) Bus

by | Dec 14, 2021 | New!, What CRMF Does

MAF Technologies, General Manager, Bryan Mathews with wife, Pamela officially open the new MAF Technologies Bus

September. 16th. 2021 marked the day we celebrated our National Independence Day along with the celebration and dedication of the MAF Technologies (CRMF) new Bus. Although the vehicle was purchased on the 26th of July 2021, this was the perfect date to dedicate and officially open the new bus for ministry use.

Dedication of the new bus and Independence Day celebration

Old Van

For years CRMF had relied on the “CRMF Nissan Vanette (Van)” a second-hand/ already used vehicle that was used for transport and ministry work. The CRMF Nissan Vanette was manufactured in 2002 and purchased as a Japanese used vehicle back in January 2011.

CRMF Nissan Vanette (Van)

Over the years the van began to develop wear and tear due to the rough road conditions plus the age of the van added to that. Other issues included the van parts not available in the country and also the van was small and the load capacity was limited. Despite the challenges with the van, we are grateful to the Lord for sustaining the small vehicle over the years for us to use for ministry work. We can look back and really appreciate the many projects and ministry work and outreaches we were able to do with the old but gold van.
New Bus

The new bus provides us with more room to load big cargo such as solar panels, batteries, Bibles and do after-hours ministry done by staff members.

In the country (PNG), vehicle clearance is critical as roads here are bad and delivering church/ministry cargo directly to the door steps meant that we needed to have a good ground clearance and the new bus offers that.

We are grateful to MAF Netherlands and their supporters who funded the vehicle. This bus signifies new beginning, growth and change as we also venture into rebranding as MAF Technologies. This is also a reminder that, “when the Lord gives us a dream and a vision, He will always provide what we need at the right time, right place and with the right people in order that we may be able to carry out His perfect will (Philippians 1:6).”


The bus will play a vital part in our ministry making it possible for us to bring help, hope and healing to individuals and communities that depend on the services that we provide.

To date, this bus is the ministries first ever newly (non-second-hand) purchased vehicle.