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Digital Bibles


Digital Bibles and Christian Resources


WIFIBible is a device that is developed and distributed by Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF). It contains biblical contents which users can access and download through a Wi-Fi connection for free. No need for mobile phone credits (Digicel or B-Mobile)! WIFIBible contains gospel music, the Bible in 200 Papua New Guinean languages, the Jesus film, mobile apps, and much more. Learn more about the WIFIBible at

Solar Audio Bible Player

PNG is an oral society which struggles with illiteracy in remote areas. Therefore, providing the Bible in an oral format makes sense. We have simple solar powered devices the size of a mobile phone that have the entire Bible recorded on them. We supply them in English, Tok Pisin and a number of Tok Ples languages. Go to our store or Contact us to purchase this fantastic ministry tool.

SD Cards

These are not just empty SD cards. We fill these SD cards full of Christian digital resources. Such as:

  • The Jesus Film
  • Evangelism and devotional apps
  • Tok Pisin and English Audio Bibles and Bibles Apps
  • Christian videos and music
  • Lots of audio books and more!

These special SD cards will provide an accessible and reasonably priced way to share God’s Word to the villages in even the most remote parts of PNG.


We provide you with the opportunity to load your external drives with Bibles, videos, apps, Christian music and much more. Come by our store in Goroka!

Get in touch with us to learn more