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Donation of Audio Bibles to the Visual Impaired

by | Aug 19, 2021 | Digital Bibles: Audio Bibles, What CRMF Does

Sylvia Yawingu works for the Callan Inclusive Education which is a Teacher Education Training Institution that aims to train and equip teachers to be qualified to teach children with disability and special needs in mainstream schools. During their trainings they have seen a great need for learning materials and resources which requires current technology that would benefit their students greatly.
Pictured is Sylvia Yawingu

Sylvia’s Donation of Audio Bibles  

It was on the 4th of March 2021 when I visited CRMF and this had been my first visit to CRMF. As I stood at the front counter waiting to be served my eyes caught a small black device that looked almost like a mobile phone that was displayed in the glass display shelf. I was keen to know what that was, so I ask the officer at the front counter (CRMF sales person) what that device was. He than informed me that it was an audio Bible so I asked him if audio Bibles could be donated to people with vision impairment. The next day on the 5th of March CRMF donated 5 audio Bibles for our students.

The day Sylvia received the donation of 5 audio Bibles.
 Teacher for the visual impaired students, Mr. James with Sylvia  present the audio Bible to 4 of their visual impaired students at the Faniufa Primary School.

Four of the five audio Bibles were given to four students attending Faniufa Primary School who had some sort of vision impairment. The fifth audio Bible was donated to another vision impaired student doing his year nine at Goroka Secondary School (GSS).

Students who are partially blind are aural learners, they highly depend on their hearing sense for learning. Their need for audio materials is a necessity. They would require a lot of digital and audio materials.

They would need resources such as the audio Bibles, recording devices (voice recorder), audio text books, audio dictionary, beeper balls, Jaws/NVDA program for computer users, digital audio calculators and audio watch and many other not mentioned because we don’t have access to or don’t know about.

The grade nine vision impaired student from Goroka Secondary School who also received an audio Bible. 

Our students greatly appreciate the donated audio Bible and say they are now able to hear the Word of God.

On behalf of the students, the Callan Inclusive Education Institute and partners –from Mt Sion Center for the Blind, I would like to acknowledge and command MAF Technologies (CRMF) for the donation of the five audio Bible. I would also like to extend our word of appreciation to the MAF Technologies partners who continue to fund and support the donation of the audio Bible.

Because of your support our students can hear the Word of God and access other amazing Christian contents from the audio Bible device.

By: Sylvia Yawingu