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by | Aug 24, 2021 | What CRMF Does

Reading the story of the grateful leper in the Gospel of Luke 17: 19 back to verse 11 gives us some important teachings to understand what Jesus wanted us to learn when he concluded; “Get up and go your way, your faith has made you well.”

In summary, there were 10 people who needed help and so Jesus in his mercy healed them all and as a formality, instructed that they should be examined by the priests to be accepted back into the community.

Only one (Samaritan) came back to say thank you! Did he have the worst case of leprosy? I don’t think so, he certainly had a good heart to say thank you.

We observe that religious connections do not matter much when it comes to a need being met. This one Samaritan showed how grateful he was by saying thank you!

In 2018 and 2019 CRMF with other Mission organisations including MAF held two “Connect Conferences”.

The aim of the Connect Conference was to create network between Churches and Mission organisations for the purpose of building up stronger Churches in Papua New Guinea.

A lot of Church leaders from all over the country attended the Connect Conference, but only one man came back to CRMF as a direct result of the conference. He saw a need for his Church just like the Samaritan leper who was healed and knew how he got his healing.

For CRMF, Rev. Dacky Wakili was the one man that came back to say, thank you for organizing a conference like “Connect” so that we the Churches will know how and where to get help to equip us for ministry.

As a ministry Director for ECPNG, he went ahead and contacted our Tek Ministri section to arrange basic computer training for the pastors in Wasua District in Western Province. Link: Wasua District in Western Province – BCT Participents Eager to learn

Just as one man connected as a direct result of the conference, 12 participants out of the large number of participants that attended the BCT in Wasua, bought personal laptops as a direct result of training because of that one man who came back.

Saying thank you comes from a grateful heart that really understands and knows from where the help cames from. CRMF is grateful for the one person who connected at the “Connect Conference” and as a result 12 more people came to the recent Balimo training to say thank you with brand new laptops to show as evidence.

A grateful heart will always come back to say thank you because a need was met; a leper was healed, a leader was informed and 12 participants have brand new laptops for ministry.