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Solutions for Outreach

Oral Strategies Workshops

A course designed to train and equip pastors, church elders and youths with the specific skills and strategies to share the gospel in their community in a real and meaningful way. We have trained staff who can come and run this training course in your church. Click here to know more.

Wi-Fi Bible

CRMF have developed a device that can connect to the WIFI on your phone. It can then load the Bible in many tok ples languages, Christian movies, Christian music and many other fantastic resources onto anyone’s phone that has wifi. It doesn’t cost to download. Contact us for more information or go to the Wi-Fi Bible website.

Audio Bible

PNG is an oral society which also has an issue with illiteracy in remote areas. Therefore providing the Bible in an oral format makes so much sense. We have simple solar powered devices the size of a mobile phone that have the entire bible recorded on it. We supply them in English, Tok Pisin and a number of Tok Ples languages. Go to our Store or Contact us to purchase this fantastic ministry tool.

The Jesus Film

We as a team are always excited to come out and show the Jesus film at your place or church. We can even help you put together a portable Jesus film kit. Conctact us for more information.