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Outreach Solutions

Technology and strategies for outreach


  • Technology for Ministry – 2-week training course on how to smartphones to share and create Christian materials.
  • Basic Computer Training—2-week course on the basics of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Publisher
  • Bible Storytelling Training – 1-week course on telling and sharing Bible stories in an exciting, interactive way to be used in sermons, youth groups, and/or evangelism.


WIFIBible is a device that is developed and distributed by Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF). It contains biblical contents which users can access and download through a Wi-Fi connection for free. Contact us for more information or go to the WIFIBible website.


Solar Audio Bible Player

CRMF have solar powered devices the size of a mobile phone that have the entire bible recorded on them. We supply them in English, Tok Pisin and many Tok Ples languages. Click here to know more about the Digital Bibles.

The Jesus Film

CRMF, as a team, are always excited to come out and show the Jesus film at your place or church. We can even help you put together your own portable Jesus film kit. Contact us for more information.

Contact us to learn more or select the PDF button to download a list of some more ministry tools.