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Outreach Solutions


Technology and strategies for outreach

The Jesus Film

CRMF is always excited to come out and show the Jesus film at your place or church. We can even help you put together your own portable Jesus film kit. Contact us for more information.


The WIFIBible device contains biblical contents which users can access and download through a Wi-Fi connection for free. It is developed and distributed by CRMF. Contact us for more information or go to the WIFIBible website.


Solar Audio Bible Player

CRMF has solar-powered devices the size of a mobile phone that have the entire Bible that you can listen to. We supply them in English, Tok Pisin, and many Tok Ples languages. Click here to know more about  Digital Bibles.


Tech Talks

Technology and its influence in PNG is growing rapidly. At CRMF, “Technology for the Church,” we have seen both the good and the bad side of this. In response to the rapid growth of technology users, we have created a 1- 2-hour presentation that our team is trained to give at youth nights, churches, schools, and other events.

In these presentations we talk about both the GOOD and the BAD of technology and how it is influencing PNG culture today. We also discuss pornography and why it’s bad for your personal lives and society.  Technology in PNG is continuing grow and we believe education on how best to use it is the wisest step forward. Contact us today to find out more about this outreach program. We can also train you and provide you with material to give this presentation yourself.


  • Technology for Ministry – a 1-week training course on how to use smartphones to share and create Christian materials.
  • Basic Computer Training – a 2-week course on how to use a computer and the basics of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Publisher
  • Bible Storytelling Training – a week course on sharing Bible stories in an exciting, interactive way to be used in sermons, youth groups, and evangelism.

SD Cards

These are not just empty mobile phone  SD cards. We fill these SD cards full of Christian digital resources like:

  • Jesus Film
  • Evangelistic and devotional app applications
  • Tok Pisin Bible and Audio Bible
  • Christian videos and music
  • And more!

These special SD cards will provide an accessible and reasonably priced way to share God’s Word in even the most remote parts of PNG.

Solar Jesus Film Kit

You can now purchase a Solar Powered Jesus Film Kit at CRMF. This kit is extremely light, portable and easy to use. Everything fits into a single box enabling churches, even in remote communities, to do outreach and ministry.

The kit includes:

  • Projector with SD card and modified stand
  • Fosera Solar Kit, with light
  • Sound equipment – Amplifier with microphone, audio cable, and outdoor speaker
  • Instruction sheet
  • Weather proof case

Contact us to know more about this amazing outreach tool!


Contact us to learn more or select the PDF button to download a list of some more ministry tools.