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Solar Solutions

We have solar solutions for the village house, church, or school

Small solar solutions

Fosera is a German company that has developed a new, high quality system of solar energy supply for the home with unique features and a low cost. These systems are best used in rural areas to give access to safe energy. CRMF is an agent in PNG for Fosera, as we sell and install these kits.  We carry the Power Line, Blue Line, and Mobile Kit.

Medium solar solutions

A medium sized solar system can handle a greater load than a Fosera system. We provide outback power inverters and charge controllers with high quality solar panels which can handle up to 3kW. Depending on the size, a medium solar system can be used to run a computer, a two-way radio, or even power up an entire house. Ask our technicians and we will assist you to find the right system you need.

Large solar solutions

CRMF has experience in large solar installs, over 3kW. We advise and consult on solutions and carry out the installation. Our goal is to find the right solar solution for you.

And in our church the solar lights are shedding light on God’s Word every week.

Nason Henry

Get in touch with our sales team or visit our local store regarding our solar products and services.