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Our Stories


Know more about what we do through our stories…

A Life on the Line

Early one Monday morning, a woman in the highlands was viciously attacked by her husband. He chopped of one of her forearms and sliced halfway through the other. Rushed by the villagers to a nearby health clinic, the caregivers there attempted to help her.

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Radio Reaches Remote Areas

During the last few months of 2018, our radio installation team was busy installing HF Radios. Our team was split into three smaller groups: 1) Lukas Schadegg, 2) Michael Wakefield, and 3) David Feka and Gollinson Wena. David and Gollinson traveled into several remote areas in West Sepik, Kabori and Kwieftim.

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CRMF Witnesses a Medevac to Goroka

Recently CRMF was able to witness a medevac first hand. Around 11:30 a.m. the Marawaka airstrip agent called CRMF, asking us to organize a medical evacuation. The agent reported that a four-year-old boy named Urile was severely injured a fall from an avocado tree which left a stick about

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Kamasawi HF Installation

Forty kilometers away from a large logging site is Kamasawi, a village of about 800 people. Remote and surrounded by jungle, the village’s only key to the outside world has been the logging company.   this logging company has been their key to the outside world. Though it recently tried to…

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