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Ministry Oil

This last five years of helping pastors and ministry leaders learn the basic skills to use computers for ministry has taught us that we play a pivotal role to teach them computer skills basically because computer has now become the main tool in any workplace. Our task then is to…

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What CRMF Does: (Part 2) WIFIBible

The WIFIBible is a small wireless router. But this router is special. Its signal doesn’t cost any credit/money to connect. People can connect automatically to the WIFIBible website and download any of our material that they want. WIFIBible contains many different Christian resources that can help…

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TSCF: Hanging Out With the WIFIBible

The Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship (TSCF) invested in two WIFIBIble devices which they then presented to the Highlands Regional School of Nursing and Goroka Business College. In the Highlands Reginal School of Nursing, the WIFIBible is set up in their recreational hall where most of the students hang out and study.

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What CRMF Does (Part 1)

One of our main services is installing HF radios in the remotest parts of PNG, providing isolated people with the means of communication. PNG is very mountainous and most often there is no reliable transportation from the jungles to the towns/cities. We monitor our channel 24/7 and help organize medevacs with…

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