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Our Stories


Know more about what we do through our stories…

Kamasawi HF Installation

Forty kilometers away from a large logging site is Kamasawi, a village of about 800 people. Remote and surrounded by jungle, the village’s only key to the outside world has been the logging company.   this logging company has been their key to the outside world. Though it recently tried to…

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WIFIBible With You

The Solar WIFIBible device is another of the WIFIBible models that CRMF developed. It consists of a small 12 volts WIFIBible device, built into the battery box of a solar kit. It is powered by the battery box which gets its power source from a 15 watts solar panel.
CRMF have built twenty of these models for remote areas…

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This Radio Might Look…

This radio might look dirty, old, and unimportant, but this radio is vital to rural communities in Papua New Guinea.
This radio has the ability to save a life.
Papua New Guinea is known for having very mountainous terrain, which is the key contributor to the isolation of communities.

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CRMF has gone through seven different solar powered audio bibles since it started to distribute the Word of God via these audio devices. As part of its goal to be the last mile to take bibles and biblical resources to the remotest places of Papua New Guinea, CRMF has partnered with Mega Voice to…

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