Technical Training


Solar and HF Training


Course contents

  • Basic electrical principals
  • Basic fault-finding techniques in Solar and HF radio setup
  • Battery technology and process of installation
  • Solar panel installations
  • Vaccine fridge installations
  • Solar regulators, inverters, and fusing
  • Solar system sizing
  • Full Solar and HF Radio installation practical training
  • Inverted “V” HF antenna installation

We give certificates of completion to those participating throughout the entire course.


Course description

CRMF conducts a two-week course on solar and HF radio installation for churches, hospitals, and health workers in remotely located areas of PNG. We aim to equip these people with the required skills during the two-week training that would enable them to tackle the challenges faced in remote areas when there is no technician available.

Participants will sit for an exam after two weeks of training.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our technical training and also the training for church and ministry leaders such as the Basic Computer Training.