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The best companion

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Digital Bibles: Audio Bibles, What CRMF Does

I was honored to give some donated Audio Bibles to four of my ‘lapun lain (elders)’ and to witness their expression.” – MAF Technologies, Store Man and Safety Officer, John Ipi.

MAF Technologies, Store Man and Safety Officer, John Ipi had an impression on his heart to minister to three widows and one widower at his local EBC Church at Gamuga. He decided to donate 5 Audio Bibles to each of them hoping that these lonely people will always have someone with them.

 John actually informed them in advance that he will arrange for friends to be with them (“Bai mi kisim poroman long kam stap wantaim yupela”), but they each did not really understand what or who John was referring to until he donated the audio Bibles to them.

 They were of course surprised and did not expect their new friend to be a small device, but they were also filled with gratitude and cried for this special gift (Audio Bible) which will always remind them that they have an everlasting friend called the Lord Jesus and the greatest companion the Holy Spirit who will always be with them.

 “…there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”  Proverbs 18:24

Mama Jiwaka’s Testimony 

One of the women whom John donated the Audio Bible to had been waiting and praying for years to receive her very own Audio Bible and after the long wait, she finally received the Audio Bible that she had been praying for through John’s donation and could only express her gratitude through tears of joy.

A special thank you to a Swiss Volunteer, Remo Rueegg for his continues support towards sponsoring the donation of Audio Bibles. It is because of such generous support and donation that these widows and widower can experience the love of a true companion and friend like no other through the audio Bible device.