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The Unspoken, Hidden and Most Needed Training

by | Jul 10, 2016

Heating the stones for “mumu”

There is a saying; “Where there is fire there is smoke” I have experienced it being used in a negative context where someone tried to cover up for a mistake. We all know that any wrong committed under the sun cannot be covered up completely, someday it will be revealed! Just as a smoke is an evidence of the presence of a fire, my smoke is an evide of yet another successful basic computing course.
This time it was held at Gaupa Four Square Church for both Western Highlands and Jiwaka pastors. Learning Technologies PNG staff has not conducted training in these two provinces before and so it was a great opportunity to deliver this training.

Pastor Saina with her first print job

The training was embraced with open arms by the participants that the Foursquare Western Highlands Provincial Overseer, Pastor Saina Berry, described it as the unspoken, hidden and the most needed training for modern pastors.
Pastor Saina who travels overseas for speaking engagements and conferences said the one important thing mission in her ministry and business life was the computer skills. She joked that the LTPNG staff were sent to deliver this training only for her.
As facilitators, we saw the hunger for training as pastors spent long hours to get as much as possible in the two weeks we were there. We are finding it a custom for participants to sleep at the classroom for security for the equipment but more importantly to spend time on a computer. The inclusion of a portable printer onto our packing list is working wonders for the participants. The excitement of holding a finished printed document is awesome! I have heard “hallelujahs” in a church service so many times but to hear it as a result of a printed document is something else! Hallelujah!
Yes for you computer natives, the process of printing out your document from a flash drive is a process done without much thinking.
For our participants, it is indeed a great undertaking to save a document from a folder in the training computer to a flash drive and then print it out from another computer hooked up with a printer.
Now translate it into a pastor’s ministry life in a remote Papua New Guinea setting and it amounts to time and money.
Participants who did not want to have a break!
Pastor Hannah Solomon working on her ppp
For instance if a pastor jumps on a public transport with plans to print and distribute a church program while in town but has not saved it properly on a flash drive, time and money and opportunity to distribute is wasted.
The above scenario makes BCT a unique training to equip pastors to work with what
they have in their different situations. We praise God for the feedback that pastors doesn’t queue up to get their programs typed for them because they can type their own programs!
That is why we need to be sensitive to train them to use whatever is available in their locality. Our current advice to pastors is to save to buy computers for their ministry because we see what they can produce during the training.
First ppp slide shown by Ps Roy
This particular graduation was held in the evening and the night experience was very special to us.
I can still remember the loud applause by the church members, family and friends as the participants used the skills learned to preach and show slide show using the power point program.
We thank the Lord for everyone involved to put this training together, especially Deo Mondo (CRMF Electronics Technician) who had a heart to extend BCT to the pastors in Jiwaka and Western Highlands Province.
The appreciation gifts and love offering was given with such generosity and appreciation to match their need for such a training.
Preparing the pig for mumu

Delicious graduation meal

In closing, I thank God in the words expressed by Pastor Paul Kaumb (Foursquare Overseer for Jiwaka Province) who pointed out that it was the first time for pastors from both provinces to come together since its separation. Thank you Lord that in you we have unity!
BCT participants
Gaupa Foursquare Church, Baisu WHP

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