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The word of God reaches Inmates at Bion Prison

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Bible, What CRMF Does

Pastor Mathew Antorifa pictured holding the already packed box of Bibles whiles standing beside his wife, Julie Antorif.

Pastor Mathew Antorifa along with his wife Julie Antorifa are based with the Evangelical Brotherhood Church (EBC) at Madang.

Earlier in the month of December, they had contacted us via the HF radio to make Bible orders and today they visited us to pick up the 20 Tok Pisin Bibles that they ordered. They hope to use the Bibles during their TEE training.

The TEE training that they conduct includes using the Tok Pisin Bible to minister to the participants as well as train them to read and write in Tok Pisin. Their TEE participants mainly include inmates from the Bion Prison at Madang and the Correction Institute Service (CIS) that is also located at Bion.

“We came here for our holiday, but we saw this as an opportunity to order and pick up the Bibles in advance so that in 2022 we can continue the TEE training and ministry for our participants at the Bion Prison.” ~ EBC Pastor, Mathew Antorifa.

We praise God that we can be looked upon has a number one service that provides the much-needed Christian materials and resources that enables Pastor Mathew and His wife, Julie to continue the wonderful ministry of running the TEE training and sharing of the gospel and love of Christ Jesus to the inmates at the Bion Prison.