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Learning Technology Team : Training

Basic Computer Training

We provide basic computer training for pastors and church workers in remote communities. This two-week course is made of demonstrations and hands-on practical activities. The course covers how to use a computer and how to use software like, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, to create church programs, schedules, budgets, and slides for sermons or worship.

Contact us if you are interested in knowing more or to schedule a training.

Oral Strategic Workshop

Stories are powerful tools for communicating and God’s Word is full of stories. Our Oral Strategies Workshop is a one-week course that teaches you how to use Bible stories to evangelize and disciple others. We teach you how to tell the stories in a way that holds their interest but stays accurate to the Bible. We also train you how to lead a group discussion that helps your audience find truths for themselves in the Bible story. Finally, we share ideas about how you can use oral strategies in your Sunday Schools, youth programs, prison ministries, evangelistic outreaches, and even your sermons.

Exam After Two weeks of Training.

Certificate of Participation.