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CRMF Learning Technologies

Technology for Ministry Training

In this week-long workshop we aim to first inform participants about current issues with technology that the church should be addressing like what is the current technology in PNG, how to use technology as a strategic ministry tool, and the dangers like addictions to social media, video games, and pornography. Secondly, our workshop gives participants the skills to use simple technologies, mainly smart phones, for great ministry impact. By the end of the week participants will have gained many skills and used smartphones, tablets, and computers to create audio and video recordings and edit them. They will have created ministry projects such as evangelistic videos, leadership development multimedia materials, and communication plan. Also, they will develop a plan for how their church and ministry can use technology. Read stories on our Technology for Ministry Training below. More stories can be found on our stories page.


After the basic computing skills training debrief and course evaluations last year, the CRMF team and the leadership of EHC agreed that a Technology for Ministry (TechMin) training would be more appropriate for EHC missionaries. As a result the TechMIn workshop for EHC was a successful one because we delivered…


These are the leaders who have identified the winds of change and have decided to build wind mills! We have also heard about the negative respond for utilizing technology for ministry because of its negative influence of internet pornography and other social problems related to the wrong use of…

Basic Computer Training

We provide basic computer training for pastors and church workers. This two-week course is made up of demonstrations and hands-on practical activities. The course covers how to use a computer and software like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, to create church programs, schedules, budgets, and slides for sermons or worship. We give a certificate of completion after the training to those who participated. Read stories on our Basic Computer Training below. More stories can be found on our stories page.

It Was Beneficial

Every time we went through a lesson, the students would sit quietly, back-straight with a strong look of concentration and interest. Most students from the Highlands Regional Bible College of Assemblies of God told us that the basic computer training was something they really need as they want to…


The Lord used a normal flight to connect two people who were looking for opportunities to serve the Lord. There is nothing special about the flight, maybe they were traveling on special fares; my point is that when we are looking for opportunities to serve the Lord in our normal daily dealings, He will open our eyes…

Ministry Oil

This last five years of helping pastors and ministry leaders learn the basic skills to use computers for ministry has taught us that we play a pivotal role to teach them computer skills basically because computer has now become the main tool in any workplace. Our task then is to…

Bible Storytelling Training

Stories are powerful tools for communicating and God’s Word is full of them. Our Bible Storytelling Workshop is a one-week course that teaches participants how to use Bible stories to evangelize and disciple others. We teach participants how to tell the stories in a way that holds listeners interest but stays accurate to the Bible. We also train participants how to lead a group discussion that helps the audience find truths for themselves in the Bible story. Finally, we share ideas about how people can use oral strategies in Sunday schools, youth programs, prison ministries, evangelistic outreaches, and even your sermons. Read stories on our Bible Storytelling Training below. More stories can be found on our stories page.

Simple But Loaded

We were humbled to realise that most of the 70 were not empty vessels for us to fill, that what we were about to teach was not a brand new knowledge that we were masters of; but just another tool to assist them in ministry. Now with this knowledge we started the training. The traditional way…

Get in touch with us if you are interested in knowing more or to schedule a training or a workshop. Also see our technical training if you’re interested.