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Weekend Ministry

by | Jun 8, 2018

The light from the projector pierced through the darkness, illuminating the children’s faces as they stared at the movie projected on the large white piece of cloth.  

“This must be the part when Jesus calms the storm!” one child exclaimed to the girl sitting beside her.

The CRMF team was staying the night at the village of Fifix in the Ketarobo area. One of our most recently joined staff members, Simeon, had asked if we could do some ministry at his village. Carolyn Bubu (our Jesus Film/Weekend Ministry Coordinator) worked it all out. Our agenda was to leave for Simeon’s village right after work on Friday and to show the Jesus Film and some other small Christian Youth videos that night, interspersed with short talks. We would stay the night, then the next morning we would give a talk on the “Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Technology.”

Check out our video from the trip!


So, on Friday around 5:00 p.m., we loaded up two buses full of equipment and CRMF staff and headed  about twenty minutes out of town. The buses dropped us off at the edge of the river- now how to get all our amplifiers, computers, microphone, projector, and other equipment across? We watched as several mangi (young men and boys) drifted toward us on innertubes. Once they reached us, they began piling all our equipment onto rods laid across the innertubes and taking it down stream. Then we jumped aboard, too. Everything and everyone made it, without once taking a dip in the river!
We carried our equipment, with a lot of help from Simeon’s relatives, to the village.  Emerging from the short forest path, we stepped onto a small grassy green. Bees and butterflies buzzed around the tropical flowers decorating this beautiful place.
Adults, pastors, and their grinning children warmly greeted us. After we dumped our baggage inside of their massive kunai (woven grass walls and thatched) prayer house, the youth and pastors welcomed us with a sweet ceremony of singing, tambourine playing, and encouraging words. Back in the prayer house hot food awaited us. Our hosts had filled up the table with cooked bananas, vegetables, fruits, and sweet potatoes, not to mention the delicious fire roasted chicken. After stuffing ourselves, laughing, and talking, we got ready to show the videos.
Youth and local villagers gathered on top of the massive tarp spread out on the ground as we began to play videos. Uncle Caine encouraged the youth in their walk with God in between the videos and explained more about their messages. When we got to God’s Chisel Skit, created by the Skit Guys, people laughed a lot. Yet as we looked at them, we also saw they were soaking in every word. After the short videos, we started the Jesus Film around 9:00 p.m., finishing a little after 11:00. Even though it was so late, young children were still sitting in rapt attention on the cold ground until the end. The CRMF staff went back to the prayer house and villagers made their way to their homes. Some of us fell to sleep right away; others stayed up, storied, and sang worship songs.
In the morning there was more food! Several women had made banana cake over the fire and it tasted wonderful. Around 9:00 a.m. we started our technology talk. Grace Ward spoke on the disadvantages and advantages of technology, while Caine Ruruk shared about what happens when we allow something like pornography into our life and how it can take over.
Then came the fun part. A large crowd quickly formed as we set up a volleyball net and played countless games with the youth. To soon it was time to leave. All the young boys helped us carry our gear to the river’s edge, then started loading it up again on the innertubes. This time most of us decided to swim down to the pick-up point. The sun was hot and the river refreshing; we splashed right along with the kids. As a departure gift the village gave us several live chickens, enough for each of our CRMF families to take one home.
We were so happy and blessed by this amazing weekend. At CRMF we know there is a need out there to talk about technology. Technology is pouring into PNG and the number of social media users and phone subscriptions is growing. Yet no one talks about the good ways we can use our cell phones or about the bad junk that comes in through the internet. Knowledge on how best to use technology is lacking, but at CRMF you can request our outreach team to come and run a similar program at your place.
Just email us at! We would be very excited to come.

Some of our team!

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