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Wrong Graduation

by | Jun 16, 2017

Promise of God’s love and faithfulness for another basic computer skills training. First morning at Bogia.

Promise of God’s love and faithfulness for another basic computer skills training. First morning at Bogia

“It is unusual to hold graduation in Church and for a computer training course, something is not adding up?” This was the opening statement of the doctor in charge of the Bogia District Hospital, Mrs Ruth Wamena who was invited to officiate at the graduation of the 17 Foursquare Bogia District Pastors”.

Pastor Daisy Shon, receiving her certificate from Dr. Ruth

She said her first reaction when invited to officiate was, why in a church building, this is odd, weddings, funerals and holy communion yes but computers do not belong in the pews or pulpits.

As I listened to her address I gathered that she was expressing the connection that must happen in today’s church for the transforming Word of God to speak to the hearts of today’s seeker for the truth ; the opportunity for theological truth dissemination via technologies is more accessible now than 10 years ago for churches in Papua New Guinea. I praise God that he has allowed CRMF to be a part to bridging that gap to create opportunities to saving souls.

Mrs Wamena concluded her speech to the participants and the invited guests that came by stating that although it is unusual it is a very good thing for everyone these days to have the basic knowledge to computer. She thanked CRMF for facilitating such training and encouraged the pastors and Church representatives from Catholic, Lutheran and PNG Bible Church to work together with the Foursquare Church to receive this kind of training from CRMF.

The first level of basic computer training for Bogia Foursquare Church was conducted in 2014 with plans to do second level in 2015 which did not happen until this year. We thank the Lord for giving us an opportunity to complete this project for pastors who have come from different regions of Bogia District, some as far as Ramu which requires a lot of travel.

Pastor Esther Morgen and others in training

Most of these pastors have not seen a computer before and may not even own one in their life time and so our prayer is that those who come through our training will be motivated by the skills that they’ve picked up to save and buy a computer.
But even if they have will not own a computer we have trained them the basics of utilizing a computer to type, save and print programs, sermons or letters with church letter heads for ministry and for general administration of their local churches; which is all they need to know in our short basic computer skills training.
We also had the opportunity to show Jesus Video at two different places; an outreach ministry that CRMF normally does on week-ends in Goroka. Tok Pisin version of Jesus Video and the movie “End of the Spear” continues to be popular in places we’ve done Jesus Video outreach.

Using Bluetooth technology for our pa system to show Jesus Video at Sepa, Bogia, Madang Province

We have the DVD of the Jesus Video that we sell too as a way of promote the film and also for those who have computers or DVD players to continue to show this wonderful movie. Please continue to pray with us that this movie will speak to those who view it and help them to make better decisions for their future.
We also took along some items from the shelves of the CRMF Communications Center as a way to assist the pastors and Christians to buy quality but affordable items with our Church rate prices.
The items that sold fast were the 8GB Micro SD card and reading glasses. While there in Bogia, a new Asian shop opened and were giving 10% for the first three hours.

I decided to cancel an hour of training and take the participants to this shop to compare the items being sold at this shop with our samples. I did this because a couple of pastors came to buy Micro SD cards from us and I told them to buy with discount price at this new store on a condition; that I check the brand first. One glance was enough to advice the pastors not to buy and they literally ran back to buy ours.

Display of the items we took along to sell

Thank you for your support and prayers for the sales items that CRMF sells as the profits gets diverted to ministries like this basic computer training to help the pastors be effective in spreading the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.
This trip we had the opportunity to fly with MAF and really enjoyed the comfort of short travel time, no pot holes and the peace that all our equipment was in good hands of pilot Dave Rogers.

Thank you again for your support and prayers as it has made the difference to train those pastors in Bogia District.

Want to fly MAF its easy just help to refuel the plane!
Thomson helping Danny Madang MAF Base.

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